BioEnergy Farm 2 project goal

The goal of BioEnergy Farm II is to open the market for micro-scale digestion. By opening the market we believe the amount of sustainable energy produced on farms can increase by 60 MW.

The 60MW increase is reached in two phases:

1) The first phase is the period in which the project is carried out. Before the end of the project, the objective will be to have assisted 700 farmers in checking the feasibility by making business plans with a capacity of about 100 MW. This should result in an increase of 28 MW of produced biogas as a direct result of the produced business plans. Due to the time it takes to turn a business plan into reality, the 28 MW will be realised within 18 months after the end of the project.


2) The second phase is the realisation till 2020. In this second phase, we expect that another 32 MW of bio-energy will be developed, in partner countries as well as in non-partner EU countries, because the project contributes to open the market for micro-scale digesters. We believe that the realisation of the first micro-scale biogas installations will result in a snowball effect, convincing more farmers to invest in micro-scale digesters. When we offer up-to-date and reliable tools these farmers will benefit from the BioEnergy Farm II project as well.


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