BioEnergy Farm 2 Project Instruments

With these three main activities: sharing unbiased market information, providing an implementation guideline and doing feasibility scans we hope to do our job in stimulating the promising development of micro scale digestion throughout Europe.

To reach the goals of our project, we developed some tools. In the first place we have the market overview, with information about techniques, suppliers, investments and operational costs. You can also find here best practices for every participating country.

We also compiled a handbook for implementing a biogas plant. This is a very useful guideline for every entrepreneur who is thinking about a biogas installation. In this handbook step by step the procedure is described. What should you think about, when should you decide on what, etc. etc.

Download report for farmers

Implementation Guideline

When you are curious about the economics, you can do a quick test online were you get an impressions of the economic feasibility of a micro scale digester at your farm. If that is positive, you can ask one of our experts to come for a visit. During the visit we can do a more elaborative calculation and compile a business plan.


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