Online feasibility calculator

Besides all kind of information about techniques, biology, etc. is it important to know what the financial results look like for your farm.

Therefore we build an online tool which you can use to do a calculation for your own farm. The calculator is designed in such a way it should be possible to fill it in without any external help.

If nevertheless something is unclear, please contact one of the partners from your country or the project coordinators via

The aim of the tool is to give you a first insight in the question : Is Micro Scale Digestion economically feasible at your farm?

As this is a quick scan, it goes not too deep into detail. If the outcome is positive and you are interested in a more elaborated scan, please contact one of the project partners from your country. We will make an appointment to visit the farm and do an expert scan. Because of EU funding we can offer you a scan for free!

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