Micro-scale digestion as an important part of the EU energy strategy

The European energy strategy is based on secure, competitive and sustainable energy. Micro-scale digestion (MSD) fits well into this policy, because of many benefits that are important both for energy consumers and producers, and for the environment.

Energy from biogas is secure

Utilisation of MSD improves energy security in the national and local perspective.

From the viewpoint of the national security, utilisation of fuel available on the farm reduces dependency on fuel imports, which stabilises national economy through avoiding supply uncertainty and decreasing the impact of exchange rate variations.

When viewed from the local perspective, decentralized energy production improves the security of energy supplies for households. When farms are more energy-independent, the grid load is reduced and the whole power network is less susceptible to failures.

CAT smallscale CHP

CAT smallscale CHP

Bio-Up small scale biogas upgrading system at experimental farm “de Marke” (part of Wageningen University), Hengelo (Gld), The Netherlands

Energy from biogas is competitive

Widespread availability of alternative energy produced from manure can increase the competitiveness of the power generation market in Europe, therefore contributing to the reduction of the production costs.

Energy will become less expensive if information about micro-scale digestion are spreading, and appropriate support is provided – what is the aim of the BioenergyFarm 2 project.

The other important aspect of local energy sources is the enhanced security of power supply. In rural areas of some countries, electricity grid is often of poor quality and susceptible to breakdowns. Many activities in farming business strongly require a continuous power supply, thus having one’s own stable energy source should be found as a noticeable competitive advantage.

Energy from biogas is sustainable

Sustainable energy meets the needs of the present generation and simultaneously does not reduce the ability of future generations to meet their needs. MSD participates in meeting the energy needs and simultaneously replaces fossil fuels and significantly reduces greenhouse gases emissions.

For 1 kg of CO2 equivalent reduced by replacement of fossil fuels by biogas

there is an additional approx. 1 kg of CO2 equivalent (mainly methane) reduced by replacement of traditional manure management by manure digestion

It doubles emission reduction!!! (average for chosen EU countries)

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