In most European countries the biogas sector started by digesting manure in combination with co-products like maize, wheat, grass etc. which can also be used as feed for animals. During the first BioEnergy Farm project, in which farmers were informed about co-digesting and assisted in writing business plans, it turned out that the public opinion regarding large scale co-digesting installations became more negative in the last years. The food vs. feed discussion is an important issue in countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Also the economic feasibility of co-digestion dropped dramatically due to reduced funding and increased biomass costs. So the implementation of co-digestion is decreasing sharply in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The online biogas scan developed in the BioEnergy Farm project showed that most farmers are only interested in micro-scale digesters, which only digest the manure of their own farm. The same opinions were heard during the workshops and excursions organised for the farmers. In Belgium the implementation of micro-scale digestion is developing so rapidly in the last few years, that these installations are now in the majority.


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